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Professionalism | Integrity | Competence | Diligence


All members of the IAPRT and specifically all court reporters, digital transcriptionists, and legal videographers are committed to:

  • Ethical practice.

  • Profession-led regulation and certification.

  • High personal standards of behavior.


All members are able to...


1. Demonstrate a commitment to their profession, colleagues, the legal profession and society through ethical practice.

1.1. Exhibit appropriate professional behaviors in practice, including honesty, integrity, commitment, and respect.
1.2. Demonstrate a commitment to delivering the highest quality service and accurate, verifiable transcripts.
1.3. Recognize and appropriately respond to ethical issues encountered in practice.
1.4. Appropriately manage conflicts of interest.

1.5. Recognize the principles and limits of confidentiality as defined by professional practice standards and the law.


2. Demonstrate a commitment to their profession, colleagues, legal profession and society through participation in profession-led regulation and certification.

2.1. Appreciate the professional, legal and ethical codes of practice.
2.3. Demonstrate accountability to professional regulatory bodies.
2.4. Recognize and respond to others’ unprofessional behaviors in practice.


3. Demonstrate a commitment to physical health.

3.1. Balance personal and professional priorities to ensure personal health.
3.2. Strive to heighten personal and professional awareness and insight.


Key Competencies for IAPRT Members

  • Develop rapport, trust and ethical relationships with colleagues, members of the public, members of the legal profession and all clients.

  • Accurately convey relevant information and explanations to clients, colleagues and other professionals.

  • Convey effective oral and written information. 


As members of the IAPRT, court reporters, legal transcriptionists, legal video reporters and legal videographers are integral participants in the court system, contributing to sustainable practices and to the effectiveness of the judicial/legal system. 

Our members interact with their work environment as individuals, as members of teams or court support groups and participants in the judicial system locally, regionally, nationally and/or globally.


IAPRT members have the ability to prioritize and effectively execute tasks collaboratively with colleagues as follows:

  • Actively participate in the judicial system

  • Practice time management

  • Collaborative decision-making

  • Organizational skills

  • Manage change

  • Demonstrate leadership

  • Supervise others

  • Have administration skills

  • Consider justice

  • Know how to budget and manage finance

  • Are able to set priorities

  • Negotiate

  • Participate in career development




All IAPRT members are able to...


Participate in activities that contribute to the effectiveness of their profession  

  • Work collaboratively with others in their organizations

  • Describe the structure and function of the judicial system as it relates to their specialty, including the roles of court reporters, transcriptionists, videographers,  the judiciary, attorneys and participants


Manage their practice and career effectively

  • Set priorities and manage time to balance career requirements, outside activities and personal life

  • Manage career including finances and human resources

  • Implement processes to ensure personal career improvement

  • Employ information technology appropriately for their profession


Recognize the importance of a fair and just legal system.  

  • Apply evidence and management processes for their profession

  • Participate effectively at annual conferences, serve on committees, and attend meetings

  • Lead or implement changes in the profession

  • Serve in administration and leadership roles, as appropriate



Grandfathering certifications from other accredited institutions

"grandfathering" reporters and/or transcribers, issuing certificate designations such as:


  • ICDR - Internationally Certified Digital Reporter

  • ICDT - Internationally Certified Digital Transcriptionist

  • ICSR - Internationally Certified Stenomask Reporter

  • ICMW - Internationally Certified Machine Writer


Without the necessity of registering and paying for online certification examinations.

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